HUPO 2022 World Congress

Thank you for attending #HUPO2022. See you again at #HUPO2023.

Travel Awards

Travel Awards Eligibility, Submission & Selection Guidelines

HUPO 2022 is pleased to offer a number of education and travel awards to help researchers and scientists from around the world to attend the in-person HUPO 2022 meeting in Cancun, Mexico. These awards provide the opportunity for presenters in their early career or from Ukraine or a Low or Lower Middle Income Country as Defined by World Bank to grow professionally by attending educational sessions, networking and developing professional relationships with colleagues from around the world.  HUPO is encouraging all researchers and scientists from the Ukraine to apply. 

Important Dates

Application DeadlineJuly 29, 2022
Travel Award NotificationsAugust 12, 2022

Eligibility Criteria

  • Reside in the Ukraine or a Low or Lower Middle Income Country as Defined by World Bank
  • OR Master or PhD Student or a Post-doctoral Researcher
  • Submit (as presenter) and have accepted an abstract for HUPO 2022
  • You must certify/agree that you do not already have funding from another source (employer, etc.)

Supporting Documents Required for Applying

  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Personal Statement how attending HUPO and how this award would further your professional development in proteomics
  • If student or post-doctoral researcher – proof of status is required


  • Applicants can apply for different levels of support (one choice only):
    • Complimentary Congress Registration Only
    • Complimentary Congress Registration + Partial Travel Support (max. 300 USD)
    • Limited Availability: Complimentary Congress Registration + Full Travel Support (Budget needs to be provided)
    • Germany Society Support for 5 applicants with 1,000 Euro (applicable to German applicants only)

Low and Lower Middle Income as Defined by World Bank: