HUPO 2022 World Congress

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Prof. Tadashi Yamamoto

Prof. Tadashi Yamamoto: Japan
Categories: Award Winners, Main Congress Speakers
Prof. Tadashi YAMAMOTO, the project leader of the Biofluid Biomarker Center (BBC), is a pioneer of proteomics of kidney diseases and urine biomarker discovery after engaging in the HUPO Human Kidney & Urine Proteome Project (HKUPP) in 2005. During his HKUPP chairmanship he introduced proteomics in nephrology and provided proteomics information in nephrology through the HKUPP website. He and BBC group have developed the protocols for proteomics of formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded human kidney biopsy tissues to understand pathophysiology of kidney diseases and of urine to discover biomarkers of kidney and urinary tract diseases by providing a standard guide for urine collection, and urine and kidney tissue proteome databases. Recently the biomarker discovery has been extended to all human diseases In collaboration with Tosoh Corporation by collecting more than 100,000 urine samples from patients with any diseases. He and his group have established a standard protocol for urine quantitative proteomics to measure approximately 2,000 urine proteins quantitatively for discovery of urine biomarkers of all human diseases. His goal is to provide a healthcare system, called “All-in-One Urine Tests”, to people for easy checkup of health conditions and early detection of diseases only by urine examination at home or office.