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Prof. Martin Larsen

Prof. Martin Larsen: Denmark
Categories: Pre Congress Speakers, Pre Congress Training Course
Professor Martin R. Larsen (MRL) is internationally recognized for development of method for the characterization of post-translational modifications (PTMs) of proteins in cell signaling and in bridging biological mass spectrometry and biomedical research. He coined the term “Phosphoproteomics” in 2001 and have developed some of the most superior methods within the field of PTMomics. Recently, MRL has developed the most comprehensive method for assessing PTMs such as phosphorylation, glycosylation, acetylation and reversible cysteine modifications from minute amount of sample. This method he used to characterize glucose-stimulated beta-cells, signaling in beta-cells derived from db/db mice, to reveal novel signaling processes associated with synaptic transmission in neurons and to study early brain development using brain organoids. The above-mentioned methods have been instrumental in the development of the growing field of PTMomics and MRLs role in developing this field was recognized by a Danish Elite Research award in 2014. MRL has published more than 230 scientific peer reviewed articles which has been cited more than 12000 times and he has an H-index of 54. MRL served in the HUPO board 2009-2019 and was chair of the HUPO award committee 2014-2019. MRL has held 13 EMBO practical workshops on PTM analysis.