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György Marko Varga

György Marko Varga: Sweden
Categories: Keynote Speakers, Main Congress Speakers

The major research foci of György Marko-Varga are clinical studies, drug characterisation within Cancerous disease and Biobanking.

GYORGY is the Head of the European Cancer Moonshot Lund Center, with a focus on Melanoma and Lung Cancer.

Malignant Melanoma is the most frequently mutated tumor type with approx 50% of the cases harbor activating BRAF mutations, that is the key driver. Large scale studies are undertaken in multi-center studies, currently establishing the largest Molecular Pathology database with 700 patients and resulting 65 million sequence files, where most WHO Melanoma classes have been mapped and characterized.

We have developed digital pathology image libraries, establishing a morphology index pathology basis with a single cell annotation resolution, targeting clone specificificity of Melanoma cancer cell types, as well as stromal phenotypes that interplay and generates an initiation of the Metastasis spread.

ProteoGenomics expression on whole tumor sections, tumor compartments, and clone specific expressions are generated – adressing metastasis activation and developments, as well as mode-of-drug-action mechanisms, and the challenges realting to resistence and Cancer relapses.

Our major objective within the European Cancer Moonshot Center is to build medical knowledge on an individual patient basis by applying ProteoGenomics positioned in the heart of Cancer clinics, collaborating with oncologists, surgery and pathologists.