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Dr. Ashok Dongre

Dr. Ashok Dongre: USA
Categories: Keynote Speakers, Main Congress Speakers
Ashok Dongre is currently Scientific Director & Head of Proteomics in the Research & Early Development organization at Bristol Myers Squibb. He also manages the Genetically Modified Animal Alliances group.
Earned his B.Sc. & M.Sc. in Chemistry from University of Mumbai and Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry (Vicki Wysocki) at Virginia Commonwealth University. Ph.D research led to the formulation of the “Mobile Proton Model” which elucidates peptide ion fragmentation mechanisms. Trained as HHMI post-doc at University of Washington with Alexander Rudensky & John Yates III.
Over 24-year tenure at BMS, his team is focused on innovating in proteomics space to address challenges at the intersection of disease pathophysiology and bio-pharmaceutical research. He served on NIH and NIAA review panels. He is a peer reviewer for several scientific journals.
Current research includes applying innovative methods to rapidly maturing novel therapeutic modality of Targeted Protein Degradation. This modality garners the potential to unlock the undruggable proteome bringing novel therapies to patients with unmet medical need. Group continues to elucidate innovative biomarker hypothesis across pathologies ranging from cancer to auto immunity and heart failure.
Authored / co-authored over 46 peer-reviewed scientific publications and numerous (>60) presentations. Three issued US Patents each with foreign equivalents.