HUPO 2022 World Congress

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Assoc. Prof. Andreas Mund

Assoc. Prof. Andreas Mund: Denmark
Categories: Keynote Speakers, Main Congress Speakers
Andreas Mund is an associate professor in the clinical proteomics group of Professor Matthias Mann at the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Protein Research, University of Copenhagen. He has a dual education profile with a degree in biotechnology engineering from the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and a PhD in protein biochemistry from the University of Hamburg. His research focuses on the characterization of single cell identity and heterogeneity in tissue biobank samples by a combination of high parametric imaging, artificial intelligence, and ultrahigh sensitive proteomics. This ‘Deep Visual Proteomics (DVP)’ technology deciphers the spatial molecular dimension by quantifying thousands of proteins in an unbiased manner. DVP couples in an unbiased way the physiological features of cells as seen in the microscope with the actual protein signature to understand mechanisms of health and disease.